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The Music Monitor Network was formed in June of 1997 to benefit both mid-sized independently owned music retailers and record labels/distributors. As retailers with 2 to 30 stores, Network account chains are large enough to deal direct with the major labels and are considered to be very important accounts in terms of breaking artists, but their regional focus sometimes makes it hard for the labels to work with them as often as we would like. By combining the marketing efforts of mid-sized chains across the country, the Music Monitor Network allows labels to save time and money by enjoying economies of scale in the execution of innovative promotional/advertising campaigns.

Our current accounts each have between 2 and 30 stores, buy directly from the major labels/distributors, report to Soundscan and have their own marketing departments. Members include Cat’s Music/Pop Tunes/Monster (14 stores in Tennessee and South Carolina), Gallery of Sound (8 stores in Pennsylvania), Dimple Records (6 stores in Sacramento, California), Bull Moose Music (10 stores in Maine and New Hampshire), Zia Record Exchange (9 stores in Arizona and Nevada), Rasputin Music (9 stores in the Bay Area of California), Independent Records (6 stores in Colorado), Graywhale Entertainment Exchange, (7 stores in Utah), The Sound Garden (2 stores, one in Baltimore and one in Syracuse), Silver Platters (3 stores in Seattle) and the newest MMN chains are The Exclusive Company (8 stores in Wisconsin) and Slackers (10 stores in Missouri and Kansas.)

The Music Monitor Network convenes twice a year, once at the annual NARM meeting and again at a separate Music Monitor Network Convention and Creative Conference, called Noise in the Basement, which is held in Baltimore, MD in September.

The Music Monitor Network is a proud founding organizer of National Record Store Day

Music Monitor Network programs promote the sale of both developing artists and hit product, as well as a full range of DVDs, and Games. Utilizing our resources (in-house sampler CDs, co-branded custom CDs and DVDs, in-house publications, chain-based email lists, customer reward programs, custom and licensed products, etc.), our goal is to coordinate creative promotions and ad campaigns to inform customers about new music, DVDs and custom products and attract them to our account stores. In themselves, these promotions are not meant as a significant source of revenue for the chains. Instead their purpose is to increase store traffic and customer loyalty, which in turn leads to increased profits by way of new product sales.

The current twelve Network accounts sell approximately 200 million dollars worth of music each year and operate over 440,000 square feet of music retail space. The average length of time a Music Monitor Network account has been in business is 28 years.

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